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Feilding's Great Home Giveaway - Shop local for your chance of a Lifetime - Promotion for some of Feilding Businesses - shop in one of the shops that are supporting this promotion and save the receipt. For each accumulated $100 worth you will received a ticket in Feilding's Great Home Giveaway. You could win a 3 bedroom home with garage at 26 Vista Drive, Feilding plus a chance to win prizes in regular lucky draws. See the last photograph for more details of how to enter. The winning ticket was drawn by Mayor Caryll Clausen from a concerte mixer full of the 393,692 tickets. Number 470635 was the winner and held by Mrs Smith. Once the daw was over a ball at Highden Estate to mark the end of promotion, attended by nearly 100 people was held.


May 20, 1995


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