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Your Rights

By using this site, you retain copyright of items you contribute (file uploads and written words) and you give Manawatū District Libraries a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use it.

This license is given back to the community under a Creative Commons License. This means that most items on Feilding & District Heritage are available for download and reuse as long as users attribute where the material came from.

Your Responsibilities

To contribute items to Feilding & District Heritage, you are required to create a login using your own name and a valid email address. It is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • You do not falsely represent yourself or an organisation.
  • You protect your registration details and do not allow others to contribute on your behalf.
  • The content you contribute does not infringe another’s rights – you own it or have permission to use it.
  • The content you contribute is as factually accurate as possible.

To comment on any item, you must use either an existing social media account login or the Disqus commenting system. This requires different login protocols and you are bound by the separate terms and conditions of those systems.

When commenting and contributing to Feilding & District Heritage, you are responsible for your conduct, the language you use and the way you interact with other users. Material containing personal attacks, profanity, nudity, hate speech, or illegal material is prohibited.

Manawatū District Libraries staff reserve the right, at our total discretion, to remove any items and to revoke a user's privilege to use Feilding & District Heritage.

If you see content or user behaviour on Feilding & District Heritage that you consider inappropriate or which requires staff moderation, please report this directly to us by using the 'report a problem' button on the page or emailing us directly at library@mdc.govt.nz

Please note that the terms and conditions of using and visiting Feilding & District Heritage may change at any time. All changes will be posted on this Terms of Use page.

Copyright And Reuse

We have many types of items in our repository and a lot of these items are free to reuse in your own projects. Next to each item you will find a license that shows you what you can do with the content on our website.

In Copyright Works/Unknown

Many of our collections items are in copyright or have an unknown copyright status. That doesn't mean that you cannot use them, it just means that you may need to get permission before reusing the content. If the license is any one of the following then please contact us for further details:

  • Copyright
  • Contact us for details
  • Some restrictions may apply

No Known Copyright Restrictions

These items are out of copyright and available for reuse without any restrictions. We would appreciate attribution to Feilding & District Heritage so others learn about our Feilding & District Heritage site. If you do something cool with items from Feilding & District Heritage, we’d love to hear about it.

Creative Commons Licenses

These licenses allow you to reuse content in different ways. For example a CC BY licence allows you to download, share, change and remix the item, but you must credit it appropriately and include a link back to the item on Feilding & District Heritage. Follow the links below to find out more about each type of CC license.